Courses and lectures

  • „The importance of movement nowadays”
    Nowadays work culture is moving more and more towards IT solutions, which often brings with itself sitting in forced position. There is no person who is meant to be sitting in any forced position 7-9 hours daily. Therefore these kind of jobs have consequences. What could we do better or differently in and out of the work place?
  • „How to make through busy times effectively?
    Everybody wants to do everything. To experience the unexperienced. Be consistent consistently. Everybody are busier than ever, but how to stay focused? How to be always productive and not to burn out. As I have been studying now for 16 years in a row and last three years in two schools at the same time, I have had to face those questions constantly. And I find it to be an art on it’s own.
  • „Amateur athlete course”
    Is meant to be for find meaning for your everyday trainings. We go through most common injuries, how to prevent and heel from them.
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