Big motivation is fundament for great results!

I am a personal trainer, whose home gym is Balti Jaama Turg MyFitness gym. I have been working there from 2017. My main focus is on strength training, fat loss, mobility development, trainings from the beginners to athletes and trainings with your own bodyweight. I love to train with everyone who has a desire to knowingly move themselves to reach their goals.

At summer times I am doing group and personal trainings outside as well. I also put together training plans and I have made ready to go training plans as well.

Price list

Personaltraining 1x – 45.00

Personaltraining 3x – 120.00

Personaltraining 7x – 266.00

Grup personaltraining 7x – 579.00

Body analysis* – 15.00

Training and nutrition consulting** – 45.00

Trainingprogram 7x (fee of 1 person in 4 member group) – 126.00

Personaltraining with friend 1x – 59.00

Personaltraining with friend 7x – 346.00

Non members need to pay for entrance 6,5 eur each trainingtime

* and ** – Ask for further information

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